Welcome to the Jungle George blog! We wanted to take a moment to talk about the impact of the coronavirus and how we are taking care of our customers during this time. This is a tough time for the world, the nation, and our community. Like many other businesses in the Fort Wayne area, we decided to temporarily close to keep families in the area safe. Though it was a tough decision, we wanted to make sure everyone was safe during this time. Together we will weather this storm and when it has passed we will be here as the Kid’s Favorite Fun Place in Fort Wayne. Until that time comes, here are some things that we can do in the meantime.


VR arcade is the latest in technological innovation when it comes to video games and entertainment. It is special because it not only allows you to play games, it literally puts you inside of them. I am sure that if you were to ask your child if they have heard of it their eyes would light up and they would get extremely excited by it. Our VR arcade set up will allow both you and your children to experience what it is like to be in an entirely new world that only your wildest dreams could comprehend.

Have you ever dreamed of being the pilot on a jet, an astronaut, or even something as simple as driving a faster car? Well, now you have the ability to experience all of that in a single place. It transports you to an entirely new world that you would never have been able to go to otherwise.


Birthdays and the holidays can often become times of worry instead of celebration due to parents running out of ideas of how to make their children feel loved and special during these special times of the year. The challenge becomes even more difficult when you have a tight budget and limited time. Today, on the Jungle George’s blog, we are going to share with you some ideas about how to make your child’s birthday the best it’s ever been.

Stay right here to get all the ideas you need, and be sure to visit our website to learn more about the fun for the whole family we offer at Jungle George’s.


It’s exciting to have the kids home, and during the first few weeks of summer break, it can seem like there is a lot to do with your child — activities that you simply couldn’t fit into your schedule with school obligations. However, now you may be looking for something — anything — to get your kids out of the house and keep them entertained.

Have you considered taking them to your local indoor play place and, more specifically, your local bounce house play place? Today, we are going to share with you a few reasons why you should bring your kids to Jungle George’s in Fort Wayne.


If you are in the process of planning your child’s birthday, you probably have a lot on your mind because there is a lot to think about! Whether you’ve planned many birthday parties before or not, there is more that you have to consider when planning a kid’s party — making the endeavor possibly very overwhelming.

Today on the Jungle George blog we are going to share some party planning tips that can help you throw your child their best birthday yet. Be sure to visit our website to learn about our indoor bounce houses in Fort Wayne.


Welcome back to Jungle George’s blog! We offer a unique experience for Fort Wayne children and their families to celebrate their special moments. With hours of fun to play on our clean and fully functional bounce houses, or to get swept away playing in our arcade and VR gaming room, Jungle George’s is the number one choice in Fort Wayne for kids’ birthdays.

Visit our website to learn why so many choose to celebrate with us and book your party. Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect decorations for your child’s next party.


Is it time to start planning your child’s birthday for the books? Whether it’s a major birthday or not, planning birthday festivities at an indoor bounce house is sure to delight both the birthday boy or girl and their party goers.

Keep reading to learn why Jungle George’s bounce house is the perfect place to have your child’s summer birthday and be sure to visit our website to learn more about us and to book your party!


Welcome to the Jungle George’s blog! Today, we are giving you the lowdown for throwing the best kid’s birthday party and, specifically, the best birthday party activities to include at your party: to keep the party going and everyone having fun, it is important to provide at least one fun activity for everyone to participate in.


Are you planning your child’s next birthday party and wondering what in the world to do? If so, today’s Jungle George blog is for you! Though you know your child best and what they want to do for their birthday, in this post, we offer you some helpful suggestions for making your child’s birthday the best one yet.

If you are looking for fun in Fort Wayne, come to Jungle George’s! We offer bounce houses, a VR gaming arcade, food, and more! Visit our website to learn all that we can offer you.


Welcome to the Jungle George’s blog! Is it time to start thinking about your child’s next birthday party? Are you scratching your head as to what to do? Are you worried that it won’t be as good as last year’s? No matter what time of year it is, it can be hard to know how to plan the most epic kid’s birthday party — but that is why we are here to help!

Today, on the Jungle George blog we are going to give you tips for planning the most epic kids birthday party yet! We offer party packages at our kids play place; kids love our bounce houses and indoor play area, as well as our VR arcade. We also provide onsite food. If you are wanting to plan the best birthday party yet, we’ve got you covered!

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