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What Every Kid's Birthday Party Needs


What Every Kid's Birthday Party Needs

Are you planning your child’s next birthday party and wondering what in the world to do? If so, today’s Jungle George blog is for you! Though you know your child best and what they want to do for their birthday, in this post, we offer you some helpful suggestions for making your child’s birthday the best one yet.

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5 Birthday Essentials Every Child’s Birthday Party Needs

If you are new to planning kid’s birthday parties or feeling like you need a little help, today’s blog post is for you. In many cases, and from what we have seen of the birthday parties at Jungle George’s, throwing a birthday party to remember comes down to five basic elements.


Every kid’s birthday party needs a fun activity. Though many kids can have fun together playing, it is always best to have a fun activity planned to keep the party going and energy up. You could:

  • Plan a fun activity
  • Offer a craft
  • Reserve an indoor play place
  • Provide multiple game opportunities

Planning activities can take the stress to keep the party going off of you as the parent and will help your kid have fun all party long!


No matter what time of day you’re throwing your party, you need to offer food. In many cases, offering an easy-to-make or order dish like pizza can be all you need to provide. However, we suggest also offering snacks for the extra hungry party guests, especially if they are running around and playing. Rumbling tummies can bring the fun to a screeching halt.

Pro tip: Before you make too many plans, be sure to ask about party guest’s allergies and eating restrictions.


Every party needs a cake or at least something you can put candles on. You don’t always have to have a traditional cake, but every partygoer looks forward to singing “Happy Birthday” and enjoying a sweet treat. If your child would rather not have cake, choose to offer a big cookie cake, donuts, pie, brownies, or a sundae bar!


You can throw a party without decorations, but having them makes a party more fun. When choosing what to don your party space with, think about your child’s favorite color, movie, or action figure. Also, it can be fun to let your child help you pick them out. When choosing decorations, opt for a party pack that offers the decorations you need or pick out your child’s favorite streamers, balloons, and birthday crown!


Lastly, but definitely not least, to make your child’s birthday party the best one yet, your party needs friends. Be sure to invite your child’s friends from school, camp, or the neighborhood. Get your child involved to make sure their best friends end up on the guest list.

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