• What We're Doing To Combat Coronavirus:
  • - 30 Minute Bounce House Cleaning
  • - Constant Cleaning & Sanitation Of Games, Tables, Chairs, Etc.

COVID-19 & What We’re Doing About It

COVID-19 & What We’re Doing About It

Welcome to the Jungle George blog! We wanted to take a moment to talk about the impact of the coronavirus and how we are taking care of our customers during this time. This is a tough time for the world, the nation, and our community. Like many other businesses in the Fort Wayne area, we decided to temporarily close to keep families in the area safe. Though it was a tough decision, we wanted to make sure everyone was safe during this time. Together we will weather this storm and when it has passed we will be here as the Kid’s Favorite Fun Place in Fort Wayne. Until that time comes, here are some things that we can do in the meantime.

Stay Home

One of the best things we can do during this time is stay home. At first, staying home may have felt like a stay-cation. However, after a while, especially with cooped up kids, it may start to increasingly feel like less of a luxury. Staying home, though, is one of the best things that we can do for our community at large, especially for those who may be more susceptible to catching the virus. Staying home stops the spread of the virus and may allow life to go back to normal sooner when we obey the CDC guidelines.

Stay Connected

Staying home makes it hard to stay connected to friends, family, and others in our community who aren’t living in the same household as we are. We have to become more intentional than ever about staying connected. Social media can be a great way to keep in touch. However, reaching out with a phone call or video call can foster an even deeper sense of connection.

Support Local Businesses How You Can

With many local businesses being closed, it is becoming harder to support them. To keep our local economy alive, it is important that we find ways to support those who remain partially or fully open. Picking one night a week to do take-out from a local restaurant, sending your hair stylist or nail tech some money for appointments missed during the shutdown are some examples as to how to help those out of work stay afloat.

Talk About It

Even though it may seem like a good idea not to discuss COVID-19 with your children, them not knowing what it is and only hearing about it from the news can cause more fear for them than we probably realize. Discussing the situation while focusing on what you’re doing to stay safe can help children understand the situation and help reassure them that they are safe.

Practice Gratitude

It can be easy to complain about everything that isn’t going right at this time, but practicing gratitude and being thankful for the little things can help parents and kids have a more positive state of mind. To practice gratitude, set aside time with the family to come together and say one thing they are grateful for and why. You can even talk about how each family member is feeling to understand where everyone is at emotionally. Checking in can help build connections and help those family members who need support, get the help they need.

Make It Fun!

One of the hardest parts about the shutdown is that to have fun you might have to get more creative. However, there are fun things to do even at home! Here are some ideas of what you can do to keep little ones entertained and having fun even when they’re cooped up inside:

  • Build a blanket fort or set up a tent
  • Make a meal together, bake cookies, or try a new recipe
  • Get creative with an art project – painting, sidewalk chalk, coloring, or drawing their favorite superhero
  • Get competitive with board games and card games
  • Go for a bike ride – stay safe while enjoying the warmer weather
  • Make a housebound treasure hunt or scavenger hunt
  • Hold your own Olympics
  • Throw a birthday party for their favorite toys
  • Make collages with poster board and old magazines
  • Hold a talent show
  • Play show and tell
  • Make a volcano or conduct a science experiment
  • Try paper mache
  • Put on a puppet show or play with their favorite toys
  • Go camping in the backyard
  • Have a fashion show
  • Make jewelry
  • Learn a dance
  • Play a few varieties of tag
  • Make an obstacle course
  • Create a city with Legos and other toys
  • Have a Lego building content
  • Put on a baking show or contest
  • Make handmade cards and send them to older family members and friends
  • Read a book together

Being all at home together can be a difficult time as it is easy for bored kids to be at each other’s throats and for your patience to be running low. We hope these suggestions will help you and your family not only stay entertained during this time, but maybe even connect in a deeper way.

We hope you all stay safe out there and we look forward to seeing you all again for unlimited fun at our bounce houses, VR gaming room, arcade, Jungle George birthday parties, and putt-putt golf (Coming soon!). We will see you all again soon!