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What Is VR Arcade?

What Is VR Arcade?

VR arcade is the latest in technological innovation when it comes to video games and entertainment. It is special because it not only allows you to play games, it literally puts you inside of them. I am sure that if you were to ask your child if they have heard of it their eyes would light up and they would get extremely excited by it. Our VR arcade set up will allow both you and your children to experience what it is like to be in an entirely new world that only your wildest dreams could comprehend.

Have you ever dreamed of being the pilot on a jet, an astronaut, or even something as simple as driving a faster car? Well, now you have the ability to experience all of that in a single place. It transports you to an entirely new world that you would never have been able to go to otherwise.

Why VR Should Be Included In Your Next Party

VR gaming is the next step in video game technology. While your kid may be asking for the latest and greatest gaming console for their birthday, it won’t be able to run VR without expensive add-ons. VR gaming is like stepping into a completely different world that your kid would never get the chance to experience otherwise. Even if you happen to have VR at home, Jungle Georges has experiences with full-ride cars that you would have to see to believe. Here are the reasons why you should include VR experiences at your kid’s next birthday party.


While the world itself is a wonderful thing to a child, they probably like to pretend that they are off in some other world in their own imagination. When you think back to the time when you were a kid you probably have fond memories of using your imagination to bring you to a whole different world. VR allows that imagination to come to life. The technology held within these devices can bring you and your child to entirely new worlds that you could have only dreamt of in your imagination. Within this virtual world, the possibilities are truly limitless, so you should show your kid an experience that they will never forget.


Has your child ever voiced wanting to become something like an astronaut or a race car driver? Well, now they can. With over 60 different experiences ranging from regular VR to full motion rides with built-in hydraulics, they have the ability to experience those dreams in a safe virtual reality. This will inspire them by not only showing them what it’s like but by actually putting them in a situation where they are what they want to be.


If your child does one of these VR experiences it will help propel them to achieve those goals because they will always be able to remember what it felt like to actually do it. Think about this, your child has said that they want to drive a car like mommy or daddy. Well, that is actually not feasible to do in a real car because they can’t control it. While you can’t let them do it in this world, you can bring them to our arcade in Fort Meyers that will allow them to fully experience this in an immersive way. We not only have car VR experiences, but we have a full hydraulic system built around the experience to really feel like you are driving a car.


While VR headsets are beginning to become available in a lot more homes because they can be attached to your phone, it doesn’t mean that you are in a safe spot to really check it out. After all, there are hundreds of videos on youtube that show people breaking TVs, furniture, and glassware because they got lost in the virtual world and didn’t realize the limited space around them. Our arcade in Fort Meyers has created specific spaces so that your child will not harm themselves or anything valuable while they are in this virtual world. This will give you the peace of mind that you can give your child a great experience without having to limit them to a small space.


You read that correctly, VR gaming has health benefits. While it is being used in a wide variety of ways to help progress the medical field, it can actually be extremely beneficial even outside of a hospital or recovery center. It has been shown to reduce chronic pain because it separates you from your normal reality where you can forget about the negative feelings associated with the outside world. So if you have a child who suffers from pain on a regular basis, this can help them feel a little bit better for a short amount of time.


While the experience is a ton of fun when you are inside the virtual world, it can also be fun to watch someone play. When we are inside VR every movement that we do makes complete sense to us, but to everyone outside you may look like you are swinging wildly at nothing. This can be funny to your child and all of their friends at the party because they can all giggle together about the fun things that they were doing and what it actually looked like was going on.


The shared experience of everyone experiencing this world can create a bonding experience for all of the children at the birthday party. Whether all the children there do a different VR experience or the exact same one, they will end up having so much to talk about after they get out of the headset. Comparing and contrasting what they did and where they did it could be a fun and enjoyable thing for them to discuss after everyone is done. It will make all the children there feel like they had a unique experience where they did everything the way that they wanted to.

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Here at Jungle Georges, we know how to throw a fun party for any child. We have our VR arcade packed with over 40 different games that your child and their friends can try out and enjoy. On top of that, we have bounce houses and other games that will help make your child’s birthday party one that they never forget. Contact us today to book a VR experience or a birthday party!