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Child Birthday Decorations 101


Child Birthday Decorations 101

Welcome back to Jungle George’s blog! We offer a unique experience for Fort Wayne children and their families to celebrate their special moments. With hours of fun to play on our clean and fully functional bounce houses, or to get swept away playing in our arcade and VR gaming room, Jungle George’s is the number one choice in Fort Wayne for kids’ birthdays.

Visit our website to learn why so many choose to celebrate with us and book your party. Keep reading to learn how to choose the perfect decorations for your child’s next party.

6 Ideas For Birthday Party Decorations

With years of experience hosting children’s birthday parties, you can imagine that we’ve seen it all when it comes to decorations. If you’re drawing a blank as to how to decorate for your child’s birthday, or your child isn’t sure what they want this year, try one of these ideas!


There is nothing wrong with going with something as simple as decorating with your child’s favorite colors. It will not only personalize their birthday but it can also be a fun way to help your party goers get to know your child.


Does your child have a favorite animal? Celebrate their special day with their favorite animal at the centerpiece of it all. Your local party store may have decorations that will make decorating easy. However, depending on your child’s favorite animal, you may have to get a little more creative and DIY your own decorations by printing out pictures from the internet. For accents, include streamers or table clothes of their favorite color.


What’s your child’s all-time favorite movie or what’s their favorite one of the moment? From popular franchises like Star Wars to the most recent kid’s movies, it should be easy to find party decorations. For those more obscure flicks, you may have to DIY some of your decorations by printing out pictures from the internet or visiting your local thrift shop for shirts, posters, and other memorabilia.


Does your child love a specific decade or love getting dressed up? A decade party could be the best decoration idea yet! In addition to finding fun decade-themed decorations, encourage guests to dress up or provide simple ways to help your guests dress up when they get to the party.


Is your child a foodie or have a favorite candy or snack food they can’t resist? Theme their birthday around that! For a candy-themed party, include streamers and other decorations that match the color of the candy packaging. For a party themed around a specific type of food, include decoration colors that match or complement that food type or its origin. For example, decorate with bright colored decorations for an ice-cream-themed party or colors of the Italian flag for a pizza party.


Celebrating the season can also be a great way to decorate for your child’s birthday! For a summer party, celebrate with beach-themed decor or whatever summer means to your child, or for a winter party, consider making your own snowflakes — get your child involved in creating the decor for some bonding time.

There really isn’t a wrong way to decorate for your child’s birthday — if it’s fun, creative, and something your child loves, go for it! For more tips and tricks for celebrating your child’s birthday, read the Jungle George’s blog. We would love to host your child’s next birthday party. We offer indoor bounce houses and an arcade that has VR games that your child and their friends won’t get enough of.