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Kids Birthday Party Activities Ideas


Kids Birthday Party Activities Ideas

Welcome to the Jungle George’s blog! Today, we are giving you the lowdown for throwing the best kid’s birthday party and, specifically, the best birthday party activities to include at your party: to keep the party going and everyone having fun, it is important to provide at least one fun activity for everyone to participate in.

4 Activity Ideas For Your Kid’s Next Birthday Party

It can feel stressful planning your child’s birthday because you want them to feel special and loved. You can’t control everything that happens at your child’s party, but with these fun activities, you can create the best environment to give your child and their party guests the most fun time.


A bounce house can be one of the most fun activities for kids who have a lot of energy and can keep them having fun for hours. You can rent your own bounce house and throw your party in your backyard. However, this can be pricey and work intensive. Instead, opt for a place like Jungle George’s — we offer indoor bounce houses that are clean, fun, and can help you take your party to a level 10.


For the art-inclined kids, a party of artsy activities can be just the thing to keep kids busy and having fun for a long time. Provide pottery pieces, wood cutouts, or canvases for painting, or offer clay for shaping, paper crafts, jewelry-making, or other fun crafty activities. Check out your local craft store for supplies that are specially made for kids.


With the weather warming up in Fort Wayne, it can be the perfect time to get outside and get some sun, and what better way to do that than with outdoor games? There are a lot of backyard games that can be fun to play and easy to set up for the parents, such as water balloon fights or even yard games like cornhole. However, you could opt for something a little more extreme like paintball at a local course! Be sure to grab the sunscreen and have water to keep party guests protected and hydrated!


VR gaming is becoming more and more popular with kids and adults looking to get more out of their gaming experience. A VR gaming arcade can provide your party guests hours of fun riding virtual roller coasters, fighting monsters, and dancing competitions. If your child and their friends love games, they will love an afternoon at a VR arcade.

Why Not Party At Jungle George’s?

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