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A Few Kids’ Birthday Planning Tips


A Few Kids’ Birthday Planning Tips

If you are in the process of planning your child’s birthday, you probably have a lot on your mind because there is a lot to think about! Whether you’ve planned many birthday parties before or not, there is more that you have to consider when planning a kid’s party — making the endeavor possibly very overwhelming.

Today on the Jungle George blog we are going to share some party planning tips that can help you throw your child their best birthday yet. Be sure to visit our website to learn about our indoor bounce houses in Fort Wayne.

Birthday Party Planning 101

Party planning comes naturally to some and to others it presents more challenges. No matter what you consider yourself to be, today’s blog should help you to throw your child’s birthday party with ease, creating special memories for both your child and their friends.


The first thing you must do is determine the guest list — who are you going to invite to the party? If you’ve planned a wedding or similar large event, you know that the guest list is everything and will determine the rest of the party planning. First, when planning a child’s birthday, be sure to determine who your child’s best friend is so that you can set a date that allows them to come. Next, determine the other friends that must come. If you can’t invite your child’s entire class, see if you can invite all of the boys or girls if that will make your child happy.


Once the guest list is finalized, you will need to send out invitations. It is best to send out invitations at least three weeks before the party. Include all pertinent information including:

  • When the event is (day and time) as well as drop-off and pick-up times
  • Where it is (include the location if there are multiple locations)
  • R.S.V.P. information
  • If a meal or snacks are included
  • What each child should bring to participate (i.e. a swimsuit, jacket, etc.)

It is also a great idea to tell what the main activities will be at the party so that parents and the the child invitees know what to expect at the party. Additionally, to make sure that everyone that you wish to come can attend, text, call, or mention the party to the parents of the invitees so they know to be on the lookout for the invitation. Keep in mind, if not all of the child’s classmates are invited, do your best to deliver the invites through the mail to avoid other children feeling left out.


It can be easy to feel like you have to do it all. The feeling of accomplishment from doing it all can be addicting. However, is the stress worth it? If you can, get other parents or family members to lend a hand for taking pictures, cutting the cake, and wrangling the children when the event is over. You could also hire the babysitter to help with helping the event run smoothly while sharing in your child’s special day.


Having a birthday party at your own home can be easy but often other venues can offer you even more convenience and can help to corral kids and, depending on the age group, can be more child-proof and child-safe. It can also be more cost effective. At Jungle George’s, we understand that having a birthday party for your child, especially if they have a lot of friends, can be very costly. We help make it affordable by offering packages that provide the entertainment as well as food and the space to throw a great party. Visit our website to learn about the possibilities for your child. We love helping you celebrate those special moments in your child’s life.


When to have your party begin and end depends on the age of your child and their friends. If your children still take naps then it can be helpful to have the party after naptime. The best rule of thumb is to make sure that your child and their guests aren’t too sleepy or hungry during the party — causing crankiness and poor moods. For the duration of a party, it depends on the child’s age:

  • Toddlers and preschoolers – one hour and a half
  • School-age kids – two to three hours

As you plan when to have it keep in mind meal-times and plan on the food you will serve accordingly. Having a snack or food in addition to birthday cake or snack can help keep hungry active bellies happy and full.


Don’t let choosing the favors stress you out. It can be easy to feel pressured to go all out. However, a little gift is all you need to express your appreciation for your child’s guests. If your party has a theme, choose a favor that will represent that theme. For example, for a garden party theme, provide a small potted plant such as a succulent. For younger kids, a small simple favor such as a board book can be effective and for older kids, a small flashlight can be a gift that the kids will enjoy and won’t put too much strain on you financially in addition to what you are spending on the party.

No matter what, at the end of the day, if your child has a good time and feels special, then your party was a success.

Stay tuned for more party planning tips on the Jungle George’s blog and visit our website to plan your party at our indoor bounce houses and VR gaming fun center in Fort Wayne.