Put on your headset to enter the world of possibilities in virtual reality. In virtual reality, the three-dimensional world you see is created by a high-end gaming computer processor and the headsets allow you to immerse yourself into a fantasy world — experience games or rides like you are actually there!


Your heart starts beating faster, you know it’s not real but, for that split second, you forget. Adrenaline is pumping because everything looks real. You quickly take off on a roller coaster or you’re attacked by dinosaurs and have to defend yourself — may be the ground beneath your feet falls away from you! Reality begins to set in as you take off the headset… THAT was awesome!


The virtual reality room and arcade in Fort Wayne currently has over 60 different games and experiences to choose from with full motion rides on hydraulics. Jungle George plans to continue to add even more games and rides as they are released. The games are selected to give you a variety of choices for every age and excitement level.


TAKE A RIDE on one of our three virtual reality rides with over 40 different escapes: it can be programmed so you get a different experience each time — only costing $5!

VIRTUAL REALITY ROOMS have over 60 missions you can choose from and costs only $5 for every 15 minutes.