Is it time to start planning your child’s birthday for the books? Whether it’s a major birthday or not, planning birthday festivities at an indoor bounce house is sure to delight both the birthday boy or girl and their party goers.

Keep reading to learn why Jungle George’s bounce house is the perfect place to have your child’s summer birthday and be sure to visit our website to learn more about us and to book your party!

6 Reasons to Have Your Birthday At a Bounce House

Summer birthday kids have the luxury of celebrating their birthday however they choose; the weather is always nice and their friends are out of school. With all these options it can be hard to know where to plan your child’s birthday. Having your child’s birthday at our bounce house is a must this summer for these reasons.

It’s Fun!

Playing in a bounce house is fun! If there were no other reasons than that, it would be worth it to plan your party with Jungle George’s. Additionally, bounce houses aren’t just fun for a few minutes — they provide hours of fun, inspire the imagination, and keep the party going for hours — tuckering kids out and providing a space for the sugar buzz to wear off.

Easy to Stay Cool

As summer temperatures rise, it makes spending prolonged amounts of time outside unbearable or at the very least uncomfortable. Our indoor play place allows you to get out of the house, avoid the unbearable heat of the sun, and stay cool. When you are indoors, you can avoid some of the dangers that come from being outside for hours on end can create, such as dehydration and heatstroke.

Don’t Have to Worry About Sunscreen

Because you won’t be outside, you don’t have to worry about making sure everyone has sunscreen on and has reapplied it. As a parent throwing a children’s party, it can be stressful to make sure not only your child, but also all the other party-goers in your care have their sunscreen adequately applied so that they don’t end up with a nasty sunburn. Eliminate worry and have your party inside!

Keep Party Goers in One Place

Keeping young party goers in one place can feel a little like “herding cats.” When the party is contained in one place, you don’t have to worry about keeping everyone where they are supposed to be. By reserving an indoor play place like Jungle George’s, you can rest assured that all the children in your care are right where they should be.  

Keeping the Party Going Is Easy

The worry with any kind of party is entertaining everyone the entire time of the party. With a bounce house, you won’t have to worry about that. It may actually be difficult to get your party-goers to leave! Provide hours of endless playing and enjoy sitting back and letting us and the play place do the work for you.

Your Kids Will Love You For It

Your kids will feel so special having their birthday at Jungle George’s! Your party is also likely to draw more partygoers to come to your party as everyone loves playing on a bounce house. As a parent, you want to give your child the best, and throwing your child’s party at an indoor bounce house play place is sure to allow you to pat yourself on the back.

If you’re ready to commit to throwing your child’s party at an indoor bounce house play place in Fort Wayne, visit our website. Jungle George’s makes it easy to give your child the best birthday party yet. Book your party with us!